Flow Ventures is an early-stage venture firm, we invest in the tokenized economy that fuels the decentralised web 3.0.



Flow Ventures is a thesis-driven venture firm with a deep understanding of distributed ledger technology. We have been around since the very start of the blockchain revolution. Over the years we have been actively participating in every relevant vertical of crypto-driven innovation. Our team has specialized mostly around the subdomains of decentralized finance, privacy, gaming and non-fungible token (NFT) driven innovations. Utilising our broad industry network and the expertise of our experienced team, we have made it our core mission to accelerate this digital revolution.


The seemingly small achievement of solving the “double-spending problem” through distributed ledger technology is creating a seismic shift in the current financial landscape and to the old web 2.0. The implications of this zero to one improvement are far reaching. It is our belief this revolutionary innovation will fundamentally change the way people and the infrastructure of our future will interact with every service and application on the web. Cryptocurrencies are already disrupting the current financial and monetary system. The web 3.0, enabled by this technology, will further reshape the current consumer and business frameworks. Traditional applications will be transformed to decentralized applications (dApps) and novel (token) ecosystems will emerge.

First and foremost, the blockchain has allowed for new forms of money. For the first time in history there is now an open, vibrant and healthy competition among many different currencies. This should give opportunities for better currencies to rise.

The future we envision is powered by blockchain. The shift to distributed ledger based dApps will allow for important benefits in comparison to legacy systems. It will be a world of permissionless systems that are censorship-resistant, immutable, more secure, and more private on a network and end-user level.

The tokenization of the projects building on web 3.0 allows for a more inclusive and more fair ownership model. Where the incentives between the different actors are better aligned and every participant is rewarded and thus incentivized for input that is beneficial to the network, increasing the sum of beneficial inputs.

Decentralized applications (dApps) have already created many new innovations. Moreover, dApps have improved network effects due to the composability between these different applications. They can interact with each other in many more ways than traditional apps can. In this way, every new dApp makes the existing dApps better by a magnitude that is higher than the sum of its parts. Many projects and crypto verticals have highly synergistic relationships with each other. Which is why we believe it is crucial to have a full picture and understanding of the crypto landscape. Only when you understand the bigger picture can you start connecting the dots and make the most impactful investments.

Most of the above-mentioned potential features of the new web 3.0 are yet to be realized to their full extent, but these are not possibilities--they are eventualities. In this process a lot of new value will be created, and a lot of current wealth will flow from legacy systems into new systems. Making the current decade an important inflection point for entrepreneurs, builders, users and investors to get involved.

This is our general outlook on the current state and future outlook of the space. On top of this high-level thesis we have more detailed sub-theses around the different crypto verticals and each portfolio company we back. Follow our investment ideas on our blog and Twitter.

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Flow Ventures partners with projects to build and enable token-based networks. As a fund we don’t take any outside capital. We have an investor base that is fully aligned with our vision. This enables us to be very selective in choosing our partners and allows us to foster long-term, synergistic relationships with the projects we back. We diligently look for long term investments and relationships in which we can add value with our network and our experience around topics such as: token-economics, go-to market strategies, fundraising, liquidity provision, branding, governance and community building. We actively participate in all the projects we back and we look to actively do our part in growing the ecosystem.


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We are happy to get in touch with anyone that is interested in cooperating. Please leave us a message below or send us an email at: hello@flowventures.xyz